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Christmas Turkeys

At Black Isle Turkeys we believe that your Christmas Turkey should be reared and processed in the best possible manner so that your meal is the best it could possibly be.

Our birds reach us at 6-8 weeks old at the end of August from a company we have been dealing with for the past 7 years. The birds are grown for us to our specifications so that we know that they have a high standard of welfare.

Our Turkeys are reared free range with access to grass fields during the day and are only shut in at night to protect them from predators. They are fed home grown and locally produced feed, along with apples every day as a treat.


Free Range Turkeys for Christmas

The birds are reared to maturity at 5-6 months old where we home kill and process the birds to reduce stress from travelling. The birds are dry hand plucked and game hung for up to 2 weeks in our refrigerated storage, then gutted by hand and packed with their giblets before leaving the farm.

Free Range Christmas Turkeys


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